Grey hair gene located by way of scientists

Scientists have pinpointed a gene answerable for grey hair - a discovery that could cause new methods of delaying or preventing this herbal signal of aging, they say in nature communications.

Hair dyes can cowl up greying but gene manipulation may, in destiny, banish it altogether.

The international group accrued dna samples from "a numerous melting pot" of extra than 6,000 volunteers of eu, native american and african ancestry.

The gene irf4 regulates a herbal hair, skin and eye pigment called melanin.

It sits on chromosome six and at the same time as it's miles unlikely to be the simplest gene controlling greying, it offers a new target for researchers.

Lead writer dr kaustubh adhikari, from university college london, said: "we already realize several genes concerned in balding and hair coloration however this is the primary time a gene for greying has been diagnosed in human beings, as well as other genes influencing hair shape and density.



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