The 'ugly truth' about body dysmorphic sickness

It's miles often disregarded as a "first global" problem and a "bad case of vanity" due to ultra-modern obsession with look and celebrity.

However, writes susanna jolly, frame dysmorphic disorder (bdd) affects up to one in 50 human beings and plenty of with the condition "self-medicate" by using present process frequent and repeated plastic surgical procedure approaches.

Former glamour model alicia douvall famously spent over £1m on over three hundred strategies - however  years in the past she spoke approximately her dependancy to surgical procedure become driven by her undiagnosed war with bdd.

The circumstance is a disabling preoccupation with an imagined, or moderate, flaw in look.

Signs frequently begin in adolescence.

Minnie wright, forty seven, has suffered from bdd for most of her lifestyles.

"the signs began while i was 11 after being bullied at faculty.

"a lot targeted on the scale of my nostril."

Minnie says she could follow "shading" make-up and maintain her head in a particular way to avoid displaying her nostril in profile.

Minnie wright as a young lady


Vanity? Now not honest

Humans with bdd put off looking for assist for fear of being dismissed as useless.

Dr david veale, one of the major bdd specialists, specialized on this location 20 years ago following the suicide of a bdd affected person underneath his care.

He says: "preferably, we need to try and diagnose human beings with bdd early, as treating them is less complicated than once the thoughts and anxieties have certainly emerge as entrenched.

"the most important message is that bdd is a treatable illness."

Bdd - ability signs


Spend hours in front of a mirror, occasionally selecting at pores and skin to make it clean

Make sizeable tries to camouflage perceived defects

Experience stressful round others and avoid social situations

Obsessively cut or comb hair to make it 'just so'

Bdd remedy is commonly a mixture of an anti-depressant medicinal drug and cognitive behavioural therapy - however the look ahead to analysis and remedy may be lengthy.

Plastic now not 'tremendous'

During those delays, bdd patients may additionally attempt to "therapy" their perceived imperfections with plastic surgery.

Minnie explains, "i desired something achieved, but turned into nonetheless a infant. I had a nostril process completed privately on my 18th birthday.

"first of all, i did experience better, however ultimately i used to be sad.

"it was a piece like moving the furnishings around - the underlying hassle became nevertheless there, it just all appeared a piece exceptional".


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