Heart transplant surgeon: Longest living patient 'remarkable'

The health care provider who operated on the sector's longest-surviving heart transplant patient has said surviving "in extra of 30 years" became "splendid"

John mccafferty, seventy three, died on tuesday, 33 years after his operation.

Professor sir magdi yacoub done mr mccafferty's transplant at harefield health facility, west london, on 20 october 1982.

Sir magdi said surgeons did not recognise at the time "how lengthy sufferers [could] live to tell the tale after transplantation".

Stay: coronary heart transplant affected person desired to be an 'thought'

Mr mccafferty lived in newport pagnell, buckinghamshire, but turned into at the start from shotts in north lanarkshire.

He were identified at 39 with dilated cardiomyopathy, a sickness of the heart muscle.


He turned into informed he had five years to live when he received the transplant.

However in 2013 he changed into recognised as the sector's longest surviving coronary heart transplant affected person through guinness global statistics.

Sir magdi stated the five-year diagnosis had been estimated.

"john showed pretty definitely that humans can continue to exist in excess of 30 years... So that is amazing," sir magdi stated.

"it suggests how transplantation can supply lifestyles and that's absolutely because of the generosity of the british public, the donor own family that is."

The british coronary heart basis stated greater than 3-quarters of coronary heart transplant patients lived for extra than five years.

Mr mccafferty's widow ann said the years they'd collectively after his heart transplant had been "extraordinary".

However she said: "he turned into in ache for the final three years of his life and changed into taken to hospital in milton keynes on 27 january. Lamentably, he wasn't capable of go back domestic."


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