Zika: The key unanswered questions

This grainy photo is one of the few photographs of the zika virus.

The infection has precipitated the arena fitness corporation to declared a worldwide fitness emergency due to the hyperlink to thousands of suspected cases of toddlers born with small brains - or microcephaly - in brazil.

But there are nevertheless many, vital, unanswered questions.

What number of humans were infected inside the americas?

The nice estimate of zika infections is between 500,000 and 1.5 million - which is pretty a huge margin of error. How many of people in an affected area have become infected? Is it all and sundry? We don't know.

Why the explosive outbreak?

One idea is that the virus has mutated to turn out to be greater infectious. Rather, some professionals argue it may in reality be a case of the virus reaching areas where people are densely packed collectively and there are large numbers of mosquitoes.


Who's infectious?

Around eighty% of humans don't have any signs after they get the virus - although this parent needs in addition research. It is now not acknowledged in the event that they also can unfold the virus or maybe why they are asymptomatic.

Does it motive microcephaly?

It's the biggest health difficulty within the outbreak, yet the link with zika and birth defects is still most effective "strongly suspected". Elements of brazil which have seen instances of zika have, several months later, also seen a surge in microcephaly. But, the rigors to prove the hyperlink have not finished.


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